Liberty is Prosperity

Monday, August 21, 2006

Can you afford to buy used?

Can you afford to buy used?

I usually can't afford to buy used. God created me with a few creative gifts that He has asked me to share with others. When I share my gifts with others they usually reciprocate. While I receive a lot of tangible and intangible gifts from others, many of them just give me money.

Sometimes I can afford to use a little bit of the time God has given me to buy used - since many of the finer things are better used than new.

But for most items, I've learned that there are other people whom God has entrusted with different creative gifts- and they are using those gifts to create new products and services to give to me. And since this creative process in ongoing, newer is often better.

The time savings of getting and using new stuff gives me a lot more time to use my God given gifts to give even more to others.

So buying used is great, if you can afford it. I'm not a very good trader. My time is better spent creating gifts for others. Getting the stuff I need to use in order to create even more has to be as easy and simple as possible so I can maximize my giving.