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Friday, September 02, 2005

We will be consoled...

This is a response to Duane Freese's post at Tech Central Station, "'The Gift of More'".

I believe a full life can be consolation to the parent of a terminally ill child and I pray it will still be consolation when our child has passed.

Our 14 year old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 years ago. He was given 6 months to live after the initial surgery. Six months later he was back under the knife to remove a then racketball size tumor that was imminently threatening his life. Then something wonderful happened- the tumor stopped growing. For two years he enjoyed an almost normal life- attending school and enjoying family activites.

Six months ago he developed leptomeningeal disease- a cancer of the brain lining, the meninges. Without divine intervention, he probably has only a few weeks left. He is bedridden and unable to communicate much beyond a groan, a smile, or a nod of the head.

He has taught everyone around him not just how to live but how to suffer. As an 11 year old facing brain surgery the next day, his first words as we walked out of the doctor's office were, 'What a beautiful day'.

He has lived a life where he has known nothing but love because he has given nothing but love. He committed himself to Christ at a young age and, when I suggested that at age 8 that he give ten percent of the first $10 he ever earned to our church, he, on his own, gave the whole $10 in his Children's Church class that day.

He figured out long before I did that living was about loving, and that love is not something you get but something you give.

So he passes through life without most of the elements we consider essential- without divine intervention he will never drive a car, have a girlfriend, own any property, or have children. But he has lived a full life in the most profound spiritual sense- he understands why he is here, what he has done, and where he going. He knows that death is likely soon. He nods approval when we ask him if he is ready to take his place in heaven.

We will be consoled by his life well lived.