Liberty is Prosperity

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

To Be or Not to Be

This is a comment posted to Glenn Reynolds article at Tech Central Station,
Hey, Maybe the Singularity Really Is Near.

It appears we may each soon be facing the most profound question of life- whether of not to go on living it.

When someone today commits suicide or dies in an accident, they are only shortening their life. In a future without aging and deadly disease, suicide or accidental death is a wholly different matter.

Does anyone dare to drive a car or even walk across the street if there is a potential to be involved in an accident that could end your "eternal" life?

More significantly, if you believe in heaven, do you have to demonstrate your faith by committing suicide in order to achieve it?

Dispensing with aging and deadly diseases will be an incredible triumph, but will the victory be hollow for those who exist eternally here on earth?