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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Never the Same

This is a comment to Ralph Kinney Bennett's Tech Central Station post, We Know How This Is Going to End.

As a native New Orleanian, I fear that, as mentioned, the city will come look similar, smell similar, sound similar, but yet never be the same.

My immediate family is a rare one that left the city many years ago. At the time, relatives could not fathom how we could move away from the greatest ciy in the world. Indeed, my father could not stay away, he divorced my mother and moved back.

My first love was a beautiful girl in New Orleans. I had one date with her after she had graduated from college and I was professionally established and it was abundantly clear that I would have to move back to New Orleans to continue courting her.

So the tragedy of the refugees is more profound than many may realize. If you live in Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, or similar you are used to people constantly moving around the country seeking opportunity.

New Orleanians of all races and economic status have a bond with the place that is incredibly strong. For many of the refugees, not only is their immediate family displaced, but every extended family member, every friend, and every person of influence is also displaced or perhaps gone.

The devastation of these relationships goes so far beyond any physical damage. Those who now refuse to leave their homes are being rational in their desire to keep all that is near and dear to them- it's so much more than physical possessions.