Liberty is Prosperity

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Flooding No, Anarchy Yes

A response to Dr. Roy Spencer at Tech Central Station, "Could the Tragedy Have Been Averted?"

The flooding was inevitable given the geography of New Orleans.

The anarchy was avoidable, a product of a system that rewards irresponsibility.

By and large, it is the poor and ignorant that are suffering and dying in New Orleans. They got that way by responding correctly to the incentives of our 'Great Society'.

If you have been trained since birth to let the government take care of you, why would you act any more responsibly during this crisis?

The vast majority of the responsible people of New Orleans got out and are living somewhat comfortably with friends and relatives. They will go back and rebuild the great city, using their insurance proceeds and thier considerable human capital.

Geography and meteorology can create difficulties, but only absurd social policies can create a catastrophe of this magnitude.